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Behalf Financing

Empower has partnered with Behalf to offer favorable net payment terms and low-fee financing options to its distributor and dealer network.

Complete the pre-approval form below and experience cash flow on-demand
Power up your business with a line of credit. With Empower’s partnership with Behalf, you get:

    • More buying power
      Instantly qualify for up to $50k in revolving credit to buy what your business needs
    • Longer payment terms
      Behalf will pay your vendor today and you payback on a schedule you choose
  • Instant cash flow
    Get qualified for a line now and your first purchase is less than 5 minutes away!

How Does It Work?




For questions on the pre-approval process or the results of your submission, please contact Behalf Customer Support:
Customer Support:
Email: Support@Behalf.com
Phone: 877-943-09962