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RTO Mobile – Cellphone financing program


Cell phone financing program for wireless dealers made simple!


RTO Mobile provides a simple solution to sell high-end smartphones, accessories, and repairs in your store at affordable prices.

Our easy-to -use phone financing software puts you, the wireless dealer, in the drivers seat - not the financing company who is making all the profit throughout the year.


With RTO Mobile:

You're in control. Markup and profit on the contract, customers that are eligible, retail price of the device, profit you want to make, length of the contract, payment frequency, payment amounts.

Fast and easy financing. Helps you sell high-end smartphones to customers who you know will pay by using your own phone financing program. You only need 3 things to verify a potential customer for phone financing:

  • Phone number
  • Photo ID
  • Facebook account

State-of-the-art phone locking technology. Deploys proven, device locking technology in smartphones to securely lock your customer's leased device, under your total control.

And much more!

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