Empower Retailer Solutions offers you several benefits and different ways to earn more profits and grow your retailer location. From free marketing kits with promotional merchandising to special seasonal promotions; our priority it’s to support you by providing high-quality products and services to generate new, and ongoing revenue streams to better support your family and the community.

The following is a list of recommendations of how you can maximize the benefits you get when signing up as an authorized wireless dealer with Empower:

1) Attract more customers to your store: Empower provides a free marketing kit with merchandising promotional material for all our customers. Make sure you place them in a visible area of your location to increase new traffic to your store and make your current customers aware of any new products and services you are offering. Take advantage of your glass windows to install your posters and window clings, place brochures, and promotional banners at counter tops and inside your store, finally set your promotional flags outside your store in order for potential customers to see your store from afar.  Also, Empower offers on-demand special marketing services such as online and digital marketing, social media, website creation, and more. Make sure to check retailer packages on our website at https://empowerretailers.com/empower-marketing/

2) Take advantage of special prices on products and promotions exclusively for dealers: Do you know that Empower has an online store exclusively for dealers? Yes, you can purchase from a wide range of wireless and audio products, SIMs, high-quality phones, and more. Since we offer special prices for dealers you can get the best quality items at affordable pricing, opening the opportunity to increase your portfolio and profits at the same time. Next time you visit Empower’s website check out the online store and look for special deals and promotions at https://empowerretailers.com/shop/

3) Be aware of our digital channels to receive seasonal specials by email or Empower’s website: Keeping an eye on your email can save you big money. Empower constantly releases seasonal promo sales, special promo codes to buy online, and dealer discounts. Stay tuned for great commissions, spiffs, and compensations on selected brand products.

4) Make a special push on products on which you get the most commissions: As we mentioned before, Empower regularly releases amazing specials on brand products that are impossible to miss out. Check your email and dealer portal to increase sales on products that allow you to earn more money. Look especially for wireless plans and SIM activations!

5) Refer a friend and get cash instantly with Empower’s dealer referral program: Having friends was never as good as now that you are signed up as an authorized wireless dealer with Empower. What do we mean by this? Thanks to our dealer referral program, if you refer a friend, you will receive free cash toward your Prepaid Account or your next SIM card order.

6) Obtain free SIMs and free shipping when registering as a dealer: In addition to all the alluded benefits, if you just registered as an authorized wireless dealer you also get free SIMs on selected brands to start, and free shipping on your welcome kit with marketing materials.

When do you want to start saving money and increasing your business profits? If your answer is TODAY! Then we highly recommend you to contact us at marketing@empowerretailers.com. We’d be delighted to help you!

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