As a wireless dealer, you may deal directly with telecom carriers and MVNO’s such as AT&T, h2o, Freeup, Lyca Mobile, Ultra Mobile or others, in order to run your existing business or become an authorized wireless reseller. However, dealing with all of these providers separately can be very time consuming and in turn, draining for your business. Your time would be much better spent working on increasing sales rather than communications with providers, wouldn’t you agree? That’s where a prepaid wireless master agent can be a fantastic ally to help you grow your business.


What do wireless master agents do?

Wireless master agents can essentially act as a mediator between your business and telecom service providers. This can dramatically free your time, so instead of speaking to all providers separately, you could speak with your wireless master agent so they can communicate on your behalf. They could negotiate prices and packages for you, saving you time and avoiding the hassle of doing it yourself. This way you not only receive support from the carrier or MVNO brand but also from the master agent. Some master agents, like Empower, offer promotions that are additional to the carrier promotions to add more value beyond what the carrier brand offers.

Not only that but many prepaid wireless master agents provide other services such as sourcing wholesale mobile inventory at great prices. This is because they often have established relationships with suppliers and can lobby these relationships to get great deals and pass on these great prices to you.

Additionally, established master agents work with several prepaid wireless dealers and in turn have great amounts of knowledge on what helps them succeed. You may be quite business savvy, but imagine how much your business could improve by having a wireless master agent give you a bird’s eye view of what is currently working well in the market. What would that mean for your business?


Why wireless dealers want to work with them

It is likely that many of your competitors are working with master agents already. With all of these great benefits it’s hard to argue that there is value in working together. Especially if your master agent offers great customer support. If this is not the case then it might be a good idea to consider how much this would help your business if and when something goes wrong. Dealers can certainly try to do everything themselves, but the cost of that can ultimately become that their business will grow very slowly and run higher risks when there are issues of any kind.

So to recap, some of the benefits of working with a prepaid wireless master agent are:

  • Save you time in negotiating and communicating with carriers and MVNOs.
  • Receive both carrier promotions and master dealer promotions.
  • Help you source wholesale mobile inventory and get better prices.
  • Provide customer support and guidance to help your business grow.
  • Help you become an authorized reseller for top name brands.


What we offer our wireless dealers

Empower Retailer Solutions is a wireless master agent. We work with many top name brands and offer 24/7/365 customer support. Our goal is simple, we want to empower our dealers so they can better serve their own customers and grow their business. We make sure to go above and beyond by being available to our dealers at all times, both in person as well as over the phone or by email.

A few benefits our dealers enjoy by working with us are:

  • Access to top name brands like AT&T, h2o, Freeup, Lyca Mobile, Ultra Mobile and more.
  • 24/7/365 customer support.
  • Representatives who can regularly visit stores in person to provide support face to face.
  • Our InstaPay portal, a portal for activations and port ins.
  • Instant commissions.
  • Wholesale inventory at fair prices including phones, accessories, and SIMs through our online marketplace.
  • Promotional marketing materials including flags, posters, sidewalk signs, window decals and more.

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