There are many options when it comes to prepaid phone plans. If you are a business looking to get authorized to sell prepaid to compliment your product lineup, we’ve put together a few companies you need to know. At Empower, one of our many services is to help you get authorized to sell and activate plans for these brands, so we are fairly well acquainted with them.

Here’s a list of must know prepaid companies:

  1. AT&T Prepaid – As the prepaid branch of AT&T, you can rest easy that these plans offer high-quality features and signal service.
  2. H2o Wireless – This company is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). As such, it actually uses AT&T’s GSM 4G LTE network and offers some very competitive plans.
  3. Cricket Wireless – This brand is owned by AT&T, so it uses their GSM network for their service. This makes it another MVNO.
  4. Freeup Mobile – This MVNO also uses AT&T’s GSM network. However, they are not owned by AT&T.
  5. Gen Mobile – This MVNO is a subsidiary of Dish Wireless and uses the T-Mobile network and soon they will be adding AT&T’s network to their lineup. Depending on when you read this, it may already be available.
  6. Ultra Mobile – This MVNO operates using T-Mobile’s network.
  7. Lycamobile – This MVNO is actually British, but operates in 60 countries with the United States being one of them.


What is great about prepaid phone plans?

  • Not tied down to a contract

Arguably, the best part of prepaid phone plans is the flexibility they offer by not being tied down to a contract. This can be very helpful to customers who travel a lot. Also, since you are paying in advance for the month of service, you won’t be able to go over your limit and end up paying extra fees.

  • Great option for a work-only phone

One case where going prepaid is useful, for example, is for customers who already have a personal line and would like a second phone just for work. If they already have a personal phone with all the bells and whistles, an additional prepaid phone plan might be just what they need to get work done without paying extra for features they don’t need. Also, it might give them more peace of mind when giving out their phone number during networking events.

  • No credit check required

Another great thing about prepaid phone plans is that they don’t require a credit check since you pay in advance. This makes it an excellent option for customers who don’t have great credit at the moment or don’t want to ding their score with a credit check.

  • Great option for kids phone

Lastly, many customers love getting prepaid plans for their kids. Since it’s prepaid, there’s no way to go over the limits and pay extra fees. Prepaid plans and phones are also more cost effective which makes it a great option for a kid’s first phone.

As you can see there are many options for prepaid phone plan companies as well as benefits for your customers to sign up for a plan.

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