With all the recent advances in technology it’s easy to get buried in hype, but let’s not forget about the single most important piece of technology which we interact with the most on a daily basis, your cell phone.

This remarkable gadget we carry in our pockets have our entire lives in them, from our social media, calendars, bank accounts, to photos, videos, and text messages. If you’ve ever accidentally dropped your phone without a cover, you know the terror of watching it hit the ground.

Many people have capitalized on helping those unfortunate souls and created cell phone repair businesses, and if you are reading this, you may be thinking of doing the same or already have a cell phone repair business and want to know what tools you need to repair cell phones.


What tools do I need to repair cell phones?

Let’s see what are the most important tools you need to repair cell phones and what they are for:

1. Anti-static mat – This mat will make sure that static electricity doesn’t build and accidentally damage the phone while you are repairing it.


2. Precision screwdriver kit – These small sizes are great for unscrewing the small screws found in smartphones.


3. Tweezers – Repairing phones means lots of small parts so tweezers will make it easier for you to grasp different small components.


4. Magnifying glass with light – This will save your eyes from the intense strain of working with very small parts while repairing phones.


5. ESD-safe soldering station with wire and soldering iron – ESD-safe models means they are antistatic, which will protect the phone from discharges while you are soldering.


6. Mobile phone opener- These are quite handy to prevent damage when prying open cell phones.


7. Printed Circuit Board holder – This will help to hold the printed circuit board with you are soldering or repairing.


8. ESD-safe Multi-meter – This will help you to find faults, as well as check and track phone components. Comes in digital or analog but digital is often preferred.


Where to buy cell phone repair tools?


Where to buy cell phone repair tools in person

The first place you might able to find cell phone repair tools in person is at physical stores like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. Aside from the tools that are easier to find, such as multimeters and soldering kits, you might also be able to find cell phone repair kits, although, these are harder to find in person. Cell phone repair kits usually include things like small screwdrivers, tweezers, mobile phone openers, etc. So these tool kits are great for the smaller tools.

However, for the more niche tools such as Test JIG Boxes or LCD testers you may need to buy these online.


Where to buy cell phone repair tools online


Amazon is the largest online retailer in the game, and as such, they have almost anything and everything you could ever need, including cell phone repair tools. You need to make sure you know which brands to look out for when it comes to the tools that you need because if you’re buying on Amazon, you will find both good quality brands as well as Chinese copies of lesser quality.

Homedepot.com or Lowes.com

Home depot is another great place to find tools such as multi-meters, LCD testers, anti-static mats, etc. What is great about searching for products on their site is that you can filter their products in the search to show which of them they carry in a store near you. This way you can drive over to the nearest store and don’t have to wait for it to ship and arrive at your home.


This website is a great resource, not just for buying quality repair tools, but also for learning how to repair phones. They have their own line of tools as well as tons of guides and tutorials to help you repair phones. Their mission is to empower individuals to repair their own tech which helps create jobs and helps the environment by reducing tech waste.



As new mobile tech surfaces it is becoming more popular to find businesses that either fix cell phones or offer cell phone repair as an additional service. We hope this post has been helpful in learning what are some of the best tools for repairing cell phones and where you can buy them.

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